WWE: Raw Ratings Tank To New Low This Week

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan Now Injured
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

WWE seriously needs to rethink how to capture viewers as its Raw ratings have been very low lately.

The Raw ratings for this week were downright atrocious. It was the lowest rated show of 2014 and the lowest rated since New Year’s Eve. It only averaged 3.602 million viewers which is way below the 4 million viewer mark.

The first hour attracted 3.538 million viewers, the second hour averaged 3.858 million viewers and the final hour averaged 3.411 million viewers. This is bad considering this was the last Raw before the Payback PPV. Normally viewership increases the week before a PPV.

People can defend the rating and say it was because of Memorial Day. Even then, the rating is still pretty low for a holiday. X-Men: Days of Future Past came out, but its box office numbers shouldn’t have affected Raw. The movie didn’t break new records like the weekend The Avengers came out in 2012.

Another reason could be that the NBA Playoffs are still playing. WWE has to compete with NBA every year, and the rating hasn’t been this low. Back when Raw was only two hours long, they were still able to draw decent numbers no matter what sports or movie event was on.

One reason why the rating could be low is that Daniel Bryan is injured. Usually people like to tune in to see any storyline involving the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There’s not really a champion right now as Bryan won’t be wrestling anytime soon. He is likely to vacate the title at Payback.

Maybe WWE has to ride this low period out and viewers will come back at SummerSlam. By then, Brock Lesnar will be back and there might be new found interest in Batista too. WWE could also sign Sting to a contract ASAP to attract the older fans and boost ratings.

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