WWE NXT Takeover: What We Learned

By Shaun Lowe
WWE NXT Facebook
WWE NXT Facebook

The WWE NXT Takeover PPV provided plenty of things to be learned. I posted my predictions for the event with a fair amount of hope that things would go the way I was thinking. One match in particular completely threw me off and has left me dumbfounded: the tag team championship.

I’m a huge fan of the Ascension and have expected them to get a push to the main show for a while now. Because of this, I thought that the WWE would allow for a new and exciting team to shine and walk away with the gold. If you watched the event, you know Ascension retained their titles in convincing fashion.

This left me reeling because Ascension completely manhandled Kalisto and El LocalI fully understand wanting to have a team on the rise look great at another PPV, especially if they’re being brought up in the near future; but even if the tag champs were not being called up to the big leagues sometime very soon, WWE would still want to build up a new team for when the champs do leave, no?

That’s why Kalisto and El Local should have been allowed a chance to stand out and genuinely threaten the reign of the champs; instead, they came off weak and unable to handle talent much larger than they are. Let’s face it, El Local is only around so Kalisto has a partner; that way, he can be pushed to the top, which is definitely where he belongs.

I’m just hoping there’s a major turnaround coming soon, one that enables Kalisto to fully utilize his unique and spectacular moves, resulting in him holding up the tag team gold while Ascension get to make their main roster debut.

Charlotte managed to pull off the win against Natalya (no big surprise there); but then celebrated afterwards with Natalya, Bret Hart and her father Ric Flair. It was an unusual scene, as Charlotte has been built up as this nasty heel character, willing to play dirty in order to get the win.

While it was touching to see such a real reaction; having her hugging and kissing everyone involved in the match was a strange sight for a heel.

Adam Rose defeated Camacho in what was a surprisingly entertaining bout. It’s no shocker that Rose pulled off the victory, but Camacho getting the opportunity to really show off his strengths was great. Camacho started off the match looking convincingly more powerful than Adam, only to see Rose finally get serious towards the end and close the match out with his finisher, the party foul.

The NXT Championship match between Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd was a predictably high-flying, exciting affair. There shouldn’t have been a soul in that crowd or watching on TV expecting Kidd to walk away with the belt, but the competitors did a magnificent job at making us believe there was a chance with each and every near fall.

Neville is a standout star in NXT, but he should expect legendary status when he joins the guys at the top. As for Kidd, word has it that they’re repackaging his character soon.

Then there’s the match that I knew would tear the house down: Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn. These two are destined for greatness, and this match proved that fact without a shadow of a doubt. Zayn doesn’t need the belt or even to be in contention for it in order to have the crowd’s adoration and attention; his work in the ring and personality outside of it are more than enough to maintain his skyward trajectory.

Breeze, on the other hand, is very popular with the crowds, but could use the gold to really see where his legacy is headed. This is exactly why he won, becoming the No. 1 contender for the NXT Championship. I’m a fan of both these entertainers, believing that they both are headed for super-stardom (if they aren’t already there to some degree); but for those who weren’t fans before this match, they assuredly are now.

NXT Takeover told us many things, none more importantly than this: the future of the WWE is safe.

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