WWE Rumors: Cesaro To Win Money In the Bank?

By RantSports Staff
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With Payback now in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start looking ahead to the second biggest show of the summer — Money In the Bank.

Payback hasn’t even been over for 24 hours, but MITB rumors are already starting to fly. According to a report on Wrestlezone, this year’s event is again expected to only feature one ladder match. While there has apparently been talk of having the match be for the world title, it’s seeming more and more unlikely given that Daniel Bryan still has the belt following Sunday night’s showdown with Stephanie McMahon.

As of now the MITB match is expected to have seven or eight competitors, which will be determined by qualifying matches over the next couple of weeks on Raw. One man who’s expected to qualify and potentially win the match — Cesaro.

Despite his tough loss to Sheamus at Payback, it’s still clear that WWE intends on pushing Cesaro to the top. Giving him the MITB briefcase would be a great way to keep him near the top without actually having to push him all the way up too soon.

One follow up rumor worth noting is Cesaro cashing in his briefcase following Brock Lesnar beating Bryan for the title at SummerSlam. This would set up the match between Cesaro and Lesnar that fans have been hearing about for awhile now. But given that Bryan’s status is still up in the air — who knows?

Either way, Cesaro is at minimum a top candidate to win this year’s MITB briefcase. It would be absolutely shocking if he weren’t at least included in the match.

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