WWE: What's Next For The Shield?

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Facebook
WWE Facebook

After ending their war with Evolution, the Shield have no blatantly obvious paths to take. They could move on to have individual feuds with Evolution members — Triple HRandy OrtonBatista— which seems likely, unless you’re privy to knowing Batista is taking a leave of absence to promote his upcoming superhero action flick, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Where does that leave the remaining two members of Evolution and all of the Shield?

Triple H wants a main event-type match with Roman Reigns at Summerslam, leaving Orton to figure things out on his own. It seems more likely that the WWE would put Rollins and Ambrose together, where they could start going after the tag team titles; but with their current babyface personas, that would be counter-intuitive.

Rollins should start looking toward the Intercontinental Championship, while Ambrose could head towards a rivalry with Bray Wyatt, where mind games can play a role and we’ll really get to see his skill on the mic be put to good use.

One other possibility is something that has already been hinted at last Wednesday by a tweet from an NXT tag team: the Ascension. They said just before WWE NXT Takeover that RAW would be next in their rise to the top, followed by another tweet this morning calling out the Shield:

The Shield survives through the chaos. Rest up Hounds of Justice for chaos attracts more chaos. #WWEPayback.

I have taken these tweets to mean that we may well see Ascension rise up to the main roster, and I’m just really excited to see these two elevated to a level I believe they deserve.

Having Ascension move up and challenge Shield is an interesting option, though it’s also one that confuses me a little. I’m not sure what they could do with a 2-on-3 disadvantage without making the Shield look weak. Having Ascension able to come in and manhandle a faction that has torn through everything that’s been thrown at them, would make the new team look incredibly strong, but it would also make Shield look incapable of standing their ground.

If the WWE wants to make Reigns the next John Cena-level superstar, this would not be a smart direction to take — unless it sets up the end of Shield. If they make it so that Reigns is holding his own, taking care of Konnor and Viktor when they come after him while Rollins and Ambrose crack under the Ascension’s strength, that could be a brilliant move … if handled very carefully.

The Shield is in top form right now and the WWE would be wise to ride this out for as long as they can — unless it means turning three stellar careers into five.

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