Seth Rollins Shockingly Joins Evolution

By Damian Seeto
Seth Rollins Traitor
Image from the Official WWE Facebook

Seth Rollins has joined Evolution in a shocking conclusion to Raw.

Batista is legitimately taking a break from the WWE in order to promote his upcoming movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Batista said he “quit” the WWE in the storyline so an open spot was made in Evolution. Early rumors suggested Sheamus of all people would join the group. Some others guessed that even Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose would join Evolution, but everyone was caught off guard when it was revealed to be Rollins.

There was a WWE magazine article that suggested Ambrose would be leaving the Shield. He referred to Reigns and Rollins as his “former partners”. My guess is that the WWE thought this was too predictable and went with Rollins instead. Reigns is too popular with the fans to turn heel, so he was never really in contention to be in the group. He’s perfect as the main babyface in the growing storyline.

I actually like the fact the this storyline is somewhat expanding and continuing. I thought with Batista taking a few months off, the WWE would drop the ball and leave the Shield/Evolution storyline altogether. Now things are getting more juicy with Rollins as the backstabber.

Triple H and Randy Orton have been looking weak with their recent losses, but I’m not complaining — this is just an observation. With Rollins now joining the group, maybe Orton and Triple H will look relevant again. Not to mention Reigns and Ambrose will be hungry to get their revenge and an explanation for Rollins’ sudden character change.

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