WWE: Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield

By Shaun Lowe
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It turns out that when Viktor of The Ascension said that chaos would breed more chaos, he didn’t mean that his team would be making an appearance on RAW last night; instead, his words were a foreshadowing of a different sort.

In my article just before Raw,  I talked about what was next for The Shield. I questioned whether or not Triple HVince McMahon and the powers that be would have plans in place going forward for each of the three members and/or for them as a team. I found it hard to believe that they would have very many places to go after feuding with Evolution and dominating them like they did at Payback. I thought that NXT would send up their big guns to try and make things interesting for the Hounds Of Justice, but that’s not what gave this team some excitement last night; no, instead they got drama that none of us saw coming.

I talked about Dean Ambrose a little while back being the one to break off from the Shield, and that is what had been expected from the start. Then when Triple H firmly got on the Roman Reigns bandwagon, it became evident that the Big Dog would be the one to break off from the trio. It became clear last night that it wasn’t ever going to be either of those two; the last remaining member — Seth Rollins  waited until the Shield had reached the height of their power and then cut them down at their knees.

Where they go from here I’m really not sure. They have to justify the Heel turn eventually, not being able to just rely on Triple H’s comments after Raw, saying that all we need to know is he always wins. Rollins just betrayed the two men that he had been teaming with since joining WWE; these three were practically brothers, and Rollins betrays them to join up with Triple H? The only thing that I can think of that would even possibly justify this is that joining up with Triple H furthers his own career, netting him a position in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He noted that the only thing that was able to keep the Shield together for as long as they were was Rollins himself.

Even as I type this and consider all of the pathways they could go, I’m still unable to justify the move in a way that makes any sense. I know that Vince and Co. like to break teams up when they’ve never been any hotter because “it makes for great TV”, but this is one of those cases that in terms of story just makes absolutely no logical sense. Sure, Rollins is the most solidly built member of the three, which allows for him to be championship material right now while Ambrose is solid on the mic and Reigns has everything that Triple H and Vince want out of a Superstar (while knowing that he needs to work on his mic skills a little more). It’s just that having the three split off like this forces them to feud with one another, which is something that should have been saved for a larger PPV like Summerslam. Instead, they’re going to be feuding going into MITB and Battleground. This just all seems like such a waste to me, at least to have it happen right this moment fresh off a huge win at Payback.

What they do with the other two is beyond my comprehension right now. I think that WWE may have them both focus on revenge for now, perhaps adding a temporary third member to shore up the numbers disadvantage going up against a three-headed Evolution team; but after that, what in the world do they do? I see Ambrose throwing his hands up and just saying he’s done, while Reigns focuses on Triple H for breaking up his family of brothers and facing off with him at Summerslam as planned.

WWE will likely come up with something for fans next Monday, and we’ll all have to just take it in and do with it what we can. Until then, now that Shield is basically no more, I have to and will believe in Reigns.

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