WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan Should Headline Summerslam

By RantSports Staff
Daniel Bryan
Getty Images

If you get the feeling that WWE has no idea what it’s doing right now, you might be right. While it’s not all WWE’s fault, as Daniel Bryan‘s neck injury has thrown booking off, future plans seem to be a mess from what you can gather across the internet. But as of this week it appears that Brock Lesnar versus Bryan could be back on for SummerSlam.

Bryan vs. Lesnar has been booked in the minds of fans ever since the conclusion of WrestleMania 30. After Lesnar beat the streak and Bryan won the title, it was really just the next logical big match. If The Beast is beating the Undertaker at WM, he better be in the title picture upon his return to the ring.

There are also side rumors of Lesnar appearing at Night of Champions, which takes place the month after SS. This possible appearance is leading many to believe he’ll win the belt at SS and then drop it a month later. Because Lesnar only works limited dates you’d have to think if he does have a title run, it’ll be kept short.

Fans want to see Bryan vs. Lesnar for the WWE title. It’s a match that would deliver from bell-to-bell and its got star power enough to draw in casual viewers. WWE needs casual viewers more than ever, as Network subscriptions are the company’s top priority moving forward.

Don’t forget — the first six month subscriptions run out right after SummerSlam. If they don’t get things straightened out by then, panic buttons could be pushed by those from within. One way to avoid that is to not over-think things — book Lesnar vs. Bryan for the title in the main event of SummerSlam.

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