WWE: Seth Rollins Treachery Splits Entire Roster

By Shaun Lowe
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week, you know Seth Rollins had the second biggest shocker of the year — the first being Undertaker having his streak broken at WrestleMania — on RAW this past Monday by turning on his long time partners: The Shield. It should come as no surprise that there are differing opinions on the turn, especially among the fans; but the disagreement about the turn has reportedly caused tension and confusion backstage.

There are backstage reports flooding in, claiming that half the roster feels Rollins shouldn’t have been the one to split the Shield, believing that if anyone were to turn on the dominant faction, it should have been Dean Ambrose. There are many others in the back who loved the turn, thinking it was a brilliant move on WWE‘s part to choose Rollins instead of the other two. If you stop to really consider everything, I think all of us can understand why Rollins was chosen to be the one to pull this swerve off.

Ambrose had been the expected turncoat for most of the year, mainly because fans and officials could see him as the obvious heel of the group, while Roman Reigns is anticipated to be the legitimate Next Big Thing. That has left Rollins as the odd man out, the one that everyone has worried about most when contemplating the end of the Shield. He is high flying and exciting as all get out, never slows down, never relents, and is always sure to satisfy the crowd. But, he’s also the one with the least amount of character. He has attitude, sure, but Ambrose has his over the top reactions and heel-ish persona while Reigns has the look, coolness, strength, and the backing of Vince/Triple H.

Having Rollins be the one to stand out (which I still maintain was done too soon) was the best choice, because he’s the one who has the most to gain from this. If Ambrose betrayed the others, it wouldn’t have been all that shocking; after all, we had been expecting as much from him for some time now. If the choice would have been Reigns about three months ago, then it would have made sense; but having him do it now? It would have ruined him and any hope of having him be the company’s breakout star. The reason I say three months ago is because back in March, it seemed like Shield was on the verge of collapse; Ambrose and Reigns were at each other’s throats, and it would have been a perfect opportunity to have him reveal the villainy of Ambrose and mature into the baby face we all know he’s soon to become.

Ambrose is meant for vile pastures and entertaining feuds, while Reigns is destined for the bright lights like only John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan have seen. Putting Rollins in this type of spotlight means that the entire WWE Universe — including everyone that’s actually in the WWE — will be paying attention to him from here on out. That’s something that may not have happened otherwise. The problems that we have with this as fans and as those within the company need to be forgotten. This is arguably the best thing that could have happened to one of their top stars and will cause many others to benefit from it as well.

While Seth Rollins may have broken our hearts, he’s made me believe in the wonder of wrestling again.

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