WWE Rumors: John Cena To Feud With Rusev?

By RantSports Staff
John Cena
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The WWE‘s mid-card is always much talked about around the internet. In recent years the middle of the pack in WWE has been underwhelming to say the least, but it appears things are trending upward. Rusev is one guy who’s had a feature spot on the mid-card in recent weeks.

The Bulgarian Brute (now ‘residing’ in Russia) has been squashing opponents left and right over the past couple of months. In addition, WWE has been building heat on him by having Lana cut pro-Russian promos that include Rusev. You can call it old fashioned, but nationalism is still an effective way to get heat.

But what’s next for Rusev? When will he finally get involved in a real feud with a legitimate opponent?

According to the Wrestling Observer, it could be sooner rather than later, and with John Cena.

While there are no specific plans at this point for a Rusev-Cena feud, it’s apparently being discussed as something for the two to do in the future.

As long as this feud doesn’t take place in the immediate future, it could be a good thing for both guys. Cena’s time these days should be largely spent on putting over young talent, while Rusev needs to become more legitimate. There’s no better way to become legitimate than by feuding with and beating Super Cena.

Five years ago fans would have worried about the quality of matches the two would put on, but that should no longer be a concern. Cena is no HBK in the squared circle, but he’s come a long way since the five moves of doom.

After SummerSlam, Rusev versus Cena makes perfect sense.

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