Will The Shield Recruit A New Member?

By Damian Seeto
The Original Shield
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

With Seth Rollins leaving the Shield, will Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose replace him?

Rollins joined Evolution mainly because it was known Batista was taking a break to do some work in Hollywood, not to mention the WWE wanted to do something exciting to increase the ratings. Rollins joining “the enemy” was a good move as the ratings have improved. With that being said, where does this leave Reigns and Ambrose?

Evolution is still a three-man team with Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H. I doubt Reigns and Ambrose will continue as a two-man crew as they’ll be outnumbered. They had help from Big Show on Smackdown, but he’s not an official member of the Shield. I think the WWE should let a new guy officially join the team so that Reigns and Ambrose can get revenge for Rollins’ defection.

There are a few guys on the main roster who could benefit from a character change. There are also some guys in NXT who could be called up to be a new member as well. If the WWE goes this route, they need to choose someone worthy since they’ll be involved in a main event storyline.

In terms of the main roster, Dolph Ziggler is a good fit. The man has been in midcard limbo for far too long now. Even guys like Big E or Kofi Kingston are in need of character changes. The only names I think that shouldn’t be in the group are already established stars. It wouldn’t make sense if veterans like Big Show, Mark Henry, or John Cena joined the group.

From the NXT roster, Sami Zayn is probably the best fit. He’s a high-flyer like Rollins and would be a good replacement. Corey Graves also has a similar look that would fit well with the Shield. As long as WWE doesn’t choose duds like Sheamus and The Miz, Reigns and Ambrose should be fine.

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