WWE Post-Match Press Conferences Are Pointless

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan Fake Press Conference
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

The WWE has introduced something new on the WWE Network as fans can now view: post-match conferences. I feel these are too fake and pointless even for professional wrestling.

The first time I saw it was for the Extreme Rules PPV. After the PPV concluded, Daniel Bryan talked about how he beat Kane. The fake part of the press conference is the fact there fake journalists asking him fake questions. Not to mention, Bryan himself is still in character speaking as if he was wrestling Kane for real. Presenting the WWE as a sport seems off and I think this new feature has got to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved pro wrestling since I was born and it never bothered me that it was all scripted. I just feel that these post-match press conferences don’t add anything of value to the viewer when it’s all kayfabe. Of course fans know Bryan wasn’t legitimately wrestling Kane, and asking bogus questions like the “strategy” he used in the match is pointless.

I feel that the WWE would be better off giving us more of a legit behind-the-scenes look of the wrestlers if they want more WWE Network subscribers. They release DVD biographies often, and those are all legitimate. Wrestlers speak out of character and tell us how they really felt about a certain match.

I feel these post-match press conferences would be better if they were actually real. Give the viewer an insight to how a wrestler actually felt after the match. They could say the match wasn’t going great or the crowd reaction was unexpected etc. It would be more interesting to watch than them “faking” everything.

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