WWE RAW Prediction (6/9): Will The Shield Get Revenge?

By Shaun Lowe
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WWE Facebook

Welcome to the first edition of my RAW predictions. Every week, I’ll have a new set of predictions and opinions going into RAW that night.

This week seemed like the perfect starting off point, what with the remaining two members of The Shield — Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns  coming out to address the fans, Evolutionand Seth Rollins on what transpired a week ago. This is shaping up to be a huge night, altering the state of things in numerous ways. Lets just hope that it lives up to our expectations.

The WWE posted an article over the weekend, discussing possible replacements for Rollins, leading me to believe they may yet keep the Shield together in some shape or form. It would make sense to keep them together, building towards the larger events of the year, like SummerSlam and Night Of Champions, but only if it’s done in the right way, resulting in everyone involved seeing massive gains in their careers.

My only issue with fully committing to the belief that Shield may continue is the fact Ambrose made a comment about Reigns and Rollins being his former partners in a soon to be released interview, making me think there’s a good chance the Shield will see a complete break very soon.

As far as tonight goes, Reigns and Ambrose will open the show, calling Rollins and Evolution out; they will demand a match, but Triple H will announce that they’ll have to wait for Money In The Bank in order to get a shot at revenge. Rollins will be put into a match against the Big Show, Reigns will get Orton, and Ambrose will get someone like Ryback.

Ambrose’s match will be made in an effort to have him lose in a brutal bout, but he will turn things around for the win, much to the chagrin of Triple H. I think during the Reigns-Orton match (which will be the main event on RAW), Rollins  and Triple H will interfere, causing Ambrose to rush down as well.

With Reigns being overwhelmed by numbers and Ambrose being injured after an energy-sapping match earlier in the night, things will look the most grim they ever have for the Shield. This is when the new recruit will show up or if it’s not an actual recruit, it will be Dolph Ziggler, the Big Show, or other wrestlers from the back coming down to save Reigns and Ambrose from the injustice Triple H and Evolution are causing.

Tonight is going to mainly be about the swerve from last Monday, with few storylines being continued or created. Evolution vs. the Shield will dominate the night. The only other focuses will be meant to further feuds heading into MITB and crown the second contestant in the MITB ladder match. As

we get closer to the PPV, it’s possible that they’ll announce a second ladder match for a briefcase instead of just one for the actual belts. But that may not happen until the night of the PPV, when it’s finally declared that Daniel Bryan won’t be competing.

If the WWE are smart, they will pair The Shield with a new member, be it an NXT star or a veteran. I’m hoping they don’t just keep beating Reigns and Ambrose down for the next several weeks, until one or both of them just crack. When Evolution inevitably interrupts the Reigns’ main event match, let’s keep our fingers crossed that when the music hits for reinforcements, one will be “here to show the world” a new form of justice.

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