WWE: Money In The Bank Is Shaping Up To Be A Disappointment

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From the very first event, Money In The Bank has always acted as a transitional PPV, where a group of challengers would fight for the right to hold a briefcase capable of all but securing a future championship title run. For the one lucky enough to pull the briefcase off the overhanging cable in the MITB Ladder Match, they will have only experienced the first moment in what will be an incredible year for them.

From the time you win MITB, you have one year to cash in your title shot contract held within the briefcase at any time of your choosing. More often than not, the wielder of the contract will wait until the current champion has concluded a match, beat them down a little more, and then hand over the briefcase for what is usually a guaranteed victory.

There have been only two who have missed out on the opportunity to capitalize on the chance: John Cena Damien Sandow.

MITB has set up a journey for each of its winners where they tease cash-ins or have them outright interrupted, but it’s always exciting for the fans. The contract is there for those who may not be championship material in the current moment, but will soon develop into someone that can hold the gold and protect the legacy of it.

The WWE wants to build its stars into champions, and this match allows them to do so, keeping them in the title hunt without actually having to consistently pit them against the same people over and over; they’re free to compete against anyone they want to, while also threateningly holding the briefcase over the roster, declaring themselves a future champion and that it’s only a matter of time.

All of this is why the WWE would suffer from only having the one ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight ChampionshipThey need to have a little foresight going into this event and acknowledge that there should be more to it than just crowning a new champion. There has almost always been a title defense to go along with the ladder matches, setting up a potential new champion that night and ones down the line.

This PPV needs to act as a kickoff point for the present as well as the future, just as it’s done every other year. 

Without adding a contract match, this will be another throwaway event where yet another predictable champion will walk away, setting up the typical feuds we’re already tired of. There’s a chance we won’t have to go through this again, but we won’t know for sure until June 29. 

In the meantime, there are four combatants in the MITB match for the belts, with the remaining three slots to be filled in the coming weeks. Whoever they are is important to the present and if chosen wisely, they could make for a very exciting match. However, what I will be paying more attention to is who’s standing in the shadows waiting for the announcement of a second match, so they can go up those steps and tear the briefcase down from the rafters.

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