WWE Rumors: Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back For Money In The Bank?

By Shaun Lowe


Brock Lesnar Facebook
Brock Lesnar Facebook

If there is any merit to the speculation swirling around the WWE right now, there’s a very good chance we will see the return of Brock Lesnar much sooner than expected. It’s long been assumed he wouldn’t be making his return until just before SummerSlam, helping to set up a feud with another top level superstar and possibly headline the event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now with Daniel Bryan out, CM Punk on sabbatical or full blown retirement, and so few stars on the roster capable of headlining PPV‘s; it’s become necessary to bring the Beast Incarnate out of hiding.

Lesnar’s contract is written in a way that keeps the WWE from wanting to bring him in too often for fear that once he’s met his required number of appearances, he’ll skip out on the rest of the year. Not to mention the money that would have to be spent to have him show up more often. I also think their biggest concern with having him around too much is the draw of having Lesnar on a PPV or Raw card too frequently would cause fans to lose interest. If he’s brought in to shore up the talent pool and it’s made to look at all like that’s the only reason he’s there, the fans will react to him much the same as they did with Batista; if he’s brought in as the man who conquered The Undertaker‘s undefeated streak, with nothing short of absolute top to bottom conquest of the WWE in mind, he will be loved and loathed like no superstar before him.

If Paul Heyman is getting his beast back, then avoid everything that the fans have been talking about recently. Do no pit him against Cesaro in a feud that would only end up benefiting Cesaro and would make no sense currently if plans are to keep the Swiss Superman with Heyman. They need to insert Lesnar as a surprise entrant in the Money In The Bank Ladder match or have him show up on the Raw just before the PPV, demanding to be put into the match. Either way, don’t have Cesaro help Brock win, because it would only serve to make Lesnar look weak. I know it would be an obvious choice to have one stable mate help out another, but this is one of those few cases where Lesnar needs to fully live up to his title of being the Beast Incarnate; anything less would be a letdown on what Brock could achieve coming off of his WrestleMania win.

Anything they do with him from here on out will be under a microscope like no other star has experienced. While I do think the ball will be dropped on what his legacy could be, having him come back now, winning the belts at MITB, and keeping them through WrestleMania 31 would be an ideal way to handle him. He needs to be made to look unbeatable, unstoppable and like a champion we’ve never seen. Doing this will help to legitimize the decision to have him pin Undertaker and end The Streak. Whether or not they actually follow through with bringing Lesnar back months earlier than initially planned has yet to be seen; but everyone would benefit from the Beast returning, especially Lesnar himself.

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