WWE Rumors: John Cena and Bray Wyatt To Continue Feud At MITB?

By RantSports Staff
The Wyatt Family
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After it seemed like the John Cena/Bray Wyatt feud was about to come to an end, it appears that might not be the case after all.

Cena of course defeated Wyatt at Payback in a five-star Last Man Standing match, much to the chagrin of the IWC. The next night on Raw he made a comment that Wyatt will come back strong, and it seemed to be an indication that he would come back strong and feud with someone else.

Wyatt missed last week’s Raw, but returned this past Monday to main-event the show against The Shield. But in his absence, things in the WWE title picture changed. Daniel Bryan was legitimately stripped of the title because of his neck surgery recovery, meaning that the main event of Money In the Bank 2014 would be for the vacant championship.

Now, there are rumors swirling that Cena and Wyatt will be added to the MITB championship match later this month. Whether this was the plan all along, nobody knows. But one way or another, the two are likely continuing their feud. You now have to wonder how long their feud will run. Through Battleground? Culmination at SummerSlam?

It seems possible that Wyatt and Cena will battle all summer long. But even if it ends at MITB, fans can’t complain. They’ve put on several top-shelf matches thus far, and it’s a feud that will likely be revisited someday down the road.

If Cena and Wyatt are added to the MITB match, it will leave just one more vacant spot. Stay tuned for who that possible entrant might be.

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