Chael Sonnen Should Sign With WWE

By RantSports Staff
Chael Sonnen
Getty Images

After failing another drug test, Chael Sonnen has decided to call it a career and retire from the UFC. The 37-year old was popped during a random drug test this week for Anastrozole and Clomiphene, which cost him his scheduled July 5th fight. Instead of trying to fight back (after what would have been a lengthy suspension), Sonnen has just decided to move on with his life.

So what’s next for the former fighter?

The easy answer is WWE. Many have pointed to Sonnen as a fit in the world of fake wrestling for quite some time now. He’s obviously athletic, charismatic and most importantly — he can talk. The ability to talk is what separates the truly great pro wrestlers from the pack, and the ability to talk (and talk smack) is something that comes naturally to Sonnen.

It’s hard to see him being a regular character each week, but he wouldn’t have to be. Brock Lesnar, a former UFC champion, negotiated a part-time deal that allows him to work limited dates each year. While Sonnen wouldn’t have the same type of pull during negotiations that Lesnar did, it’s still likely he could work out some kind of deal.

Maybe it would just be a one-off, or a couple of high-profile matches spread out over a few months, but there’s got to be some type part-time work available for him in WWE.

Whether or not he’s interested in making the career switch, is anyone’s guess. But he should be interested. There’s millions more for him to make in WWE, as long as he can pass the drug tests.

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