WWE's Latest Roster Cuts Contain Major Surprises

By Shaun Lowe
Evan Bourne Facebook
Evan Bourne Facebook

As Rant Sports reported just a little while ago, the WWE released 11 members of their roster today. While some of them were expected, five came as a bit of a shock to me: Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Camacho, Brodus Clay, and Evan BourneJTG, Aksana, Curt Hawkins, Theodore Long, Yoshi Tatsu, and referee Marc Harris rounded out the other cuts.

Drew and Jinder are surprising not because of their actual talent, but because they were frequently used on TV and PPVs. While 3MB may have long been a joke team used solely as comedic relief, they were a fun group capable of entertaining the crowd.

Now, Heath Slater is the only remaining member of the faux band, shuffled back into being a nobody whose entire point of being in the WWE is to make others look good. He still did that in 3MB, but at least he was allowed time on the mic and a little bit of character. Drew shined as “The Chosen One,” a gimmick that lasted nearly two years until he was drafted over to RAW and his career fizzled out.

Jinder’s cut is only surprising because of his involvement with 3MB — he just never caught on.

Camacho and Brodus being released is curious because of their use on NXT. Brodus is someone that said the wrong things and caught the ire of Vince McMahon, resulting in what could have been a very vicious monster heel kind of character but instead turned into a dancing buffoon who needs someone to call his mama. Still, the fans got a kick out of him (especially the kids) and he experienced some success as the silly Funkasaurus.

But then his character started to change into someone much more serious who wanted redemption and tried to destroy his competition. He feuded with Adrian Neville at one point for the NXT Championship, losing to Neville in their final bout … which turned out to be the end of the dancing dinosaur.

Camacho started to see a similar resurgence in a feud with Adam Rose, which brought new light to the sheer talent of a guy I never believed was very good. Now, it wasn’t a feud against anyone all that important or for anything of real merit, but I was impressed with his work and thought it might lead somewhere; as it turns out, that somewhere was, sadly, out the door.

The biggest shocker to me though was the release of Bourne. I talked about him being a possible Shield replacement, which I never actually expected, but he would have made some sense taking that role and it would have been an exciting way to bring him back.

The guy was easily the second-best high flyer the WWE had right now, contending for the No. 1 spot that Neville holds, and would have been a great addition to any ladder match … like the one coming up in a couple of weeks. Money In The Bank would have been an ideal place for him to return as long as they add in a second match for a briefcase.

He’s a daredevil who goes out there and puts his body on the line for the good of the product, capable of living up to everyone’s expectations of what he can do for a match. I’m blown away that they would let such a massive talent go, even if he’s been out due to injury for two years.

He’s been cleared for months and should have been plugged into a tag team, or inserted into a feud for the U.S. title or Intercontinental Championship. However, he remained on the sidelines because creative didn’t have anything for him. Teaming him with Kofi Kingston again and bringing Airboom back would have been a perfect scenario for both stars and would have rejuvenated their careers; instead, Kofi is wandering and Bourne is now lost.

It’s a shame when roster cuts come down, but it’s a travesty when the wrong people are let go.

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