WWE Rumors: CM Punk's Contract Could Be Renewed Via Technicality

By RantSports Staff
CM Punk
Getty Images

CM Punk has been absent from WWE television since January. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it’s now June and his contract is reportedly one month away from expiring.

Despite being on the shelf/retired over the past five months, Punk has still been receiving paychecks. But most have him as officially gone once his deal runs out in July. However, according to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Punk’s contract could be renewed under a technicality.

Apparently there’s a clause within each superstar’s contract that allows WWE to renew the deal if the they feel a superstar owes them dates. In most cases, it’s usually because of an injury situation.

Most recently it’s being said that this type of thing happened with Rey Mysterio. His contract was reportedly renewed by Vince McMahon, based on the amount of time Mysterio has missed with injuries.

So, could the same happen with Punk?

Given the information that’s out there, it seems unlikely WWE will renew Punk’s contract under this technicality. Unless they really want to try and force him back into action, which they could possibly do under legal reasons, the safe bet is that Punk is done for at least the foreseeable future.

Whether he’s just burnt out, legitimately hurt or retired — he’s gone and likely not coming back. Unless he wants to return, WWE will just be wasting its time. There’s no point in forcing a disgruntled employee back to work too soon.

But as Vince used to say, ‘anything can happen’ in the WWE.

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