2014 A Bad Year For Pro Wrestling Fans

By Damian Seeto
Undertaker Defeated
Image from Undertaker – WWE Universe Facebook

2014 has been a bad year to be a pro wrestling fan as a lot of unexpected things have happened.

Let’s start off with TNA, as a lot of longtime stars have now left the company. Popular figures like Sting, AJ Styles and even Jeff Jarrett are no longer with the company. Not to mention, other wrestlers like Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are gone too. TNA’s roster in 2014 is quite thin these days and a lot of wrestlers are facing off against the same opponents, which is getting kind of boring.

Two notable wrestlers sadly passed away in 2014. Mae Young died in January, although she managed to still live a full life. Fans will miss her being crazy on WWE TV though. The biggest loss was The Ultimate Warrior, who died of a heart attack in April. Thankfully he was able to make peace with the WWE before his death, although he still died way too soon.

One major upset was Undertaker‘s winning streak at WrestleMania XXX being broken by Brock Lesnar. Many people were upset over this decision, and it doesn’t help fans that Paul Heyman continues to rub it in their faces each and every week. It’s also a sign that the Undertaker has retired for good this time.

A ton of popular WWE wrestlers are no longer with the company. WWE just released 11 employees last week. The most notable ones being JTG, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Fans started to love 3MB, but now Heath Slater is on his own again. The many jokes about JTG still being employed by the WWE have died now too. The internet has mourned the many funny memes that were created from JTG’s surprising long tenure in the company.

Lastly, CM Punk left the company too, but on his own decision. We still don’t know why he quit, but he’s admitted that he’s now “retired”. If that’s the case, fans will no longer be able to see the “Best in the World” ever again. It sounds like he’s finished with professional wrestling forever.

2014 has been pretty grim, but let’s hope the next six months of the year isn’t as bad.

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