WWE Raw Predictions (6/16): Cleveland Ready To Rock Tonight

By Shaun Lowe
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Cleveland is home to Monday Night Raw tonight, and we should be in for some electrifying developments. There’s the storyline between The Shield and if not Evolution as a whole — minus Batista — then at the very least, Triple H, rumors of returning superstars, The Miz and Ric Flair and also the need to fill the last remaining Money In The Bank (MITB) slots. Tonight is shaping up to be pretty exciting.

Last week, I predicted that Raw would be all about Shield and Evolution, with little things here and there to fill the rest of the three hours. When the episode faded to black, it turned out I was very wrong about everything I expected to happen. They stripped Daniel Bryan of the belts (something that was leaked just shortly after my article went live) and the entire show was consumed by that, with little bits for the Shield to chew on and continuing the qualifying matches to get into the MITB match. This week I’m not anticipating the Shield will be the focus much, although they’ll definitely get their time in the spotlight.

This week should be more about developing and solidifying feuds going into the MITB PPV; which so far only has two matches: the MITB Ladder match and The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family for the Tag Team Championship. Most PPVs have at least six matches, so they’re in need of starting up the rivalries quickly in order to fill up a PPV card worth watching.

The Miz is expected back this week, and the reason for WWE to wait so long in bringing him back after filming a movie with Summer Rae, is that Cleveland is the Miz’s hometown. Along with Miz making his return in his hometown, Dolph Ziggler — another Cleveland homer — should have another standout moment tonight, after calling out Seth Rollins multiple times since Rollins’ betrayal. The word going around is that Flair may be coming in with Miz as a manager of sorts in an effort to show him off more with his movie coming out soon. While Flair will always be an enduring legend, the fans don’t take to him like they once did, and the last time they brought him in with Miz it didn’t really go anywhere except to make Miz even less of a fan favorite. Having Flair come in and give Miz permission to use the Figure Four Leg Lock wasn’t a successful venture the first time, so I’m not sure why they want to try again.

The Usos and Wyatt Family will continue their feud going into MITB. While I felt like the Wyatt’s should have been in contention for the belts back before WrestleMania, I’m glad they didn’t after seeing how entertaining the Usos have been. I think the Wyatt’s are bound for greatness and soon, but that doesn’t always mean or even require gold in order to be accomplished. I feel like WWE is waiting to bring up The Ascension before having the Usos lose the belts, because that rivalry will be incredible and could set up a six-man tag match for the belts at Battleground or even SummerSlam.

The biggest note of tonight will be filling that final spot in the MITB ladder match. They initially announced there would be seven spots in said match, but on Smackdown that number was lowered to six — although word now is it’s back to seven. I would think Rollins would be in line to just get that final spot, no qualifying match required — much like Randy Orton — but I question whether they’ll stick him in that match with the rivalry between he and the Shield looming. It would make sense to pit Rollins against either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns, but I think they’re wanting to save that for a more important time. I’m expecting for Rollins to earn that final spot tonight, but if he’s given the spot or wins a match to get in then at MITB when Rollins is just about to grab the belts, Shield interferes and the rivalry truly takes shape, forcing Rollins and Orton to pair up against the Shield.

It should be an eventful evening tonight, and with how things have been developing recently, I think we’ll get just that.

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