WWE Money In The Bank: A Second Ladder Match Announced

By Shaun Lowe
WWE The Shield Facebook
WWE The Shield Facebook

Just a short while ago, Seth Rollins dropped a bombshell on Main Event with the news that the WWE was adding a second Money In The Bank ladder match to the PPV on June 29, and added to the announcement that he’s the first entrant.

While I would like to say it comes as no surprise that they would move forward with a second ladder match to the PPV, it was a little shocking that they made the right move and actually added it. After all, I said last week that MITB was shaping up to be a disappointment because the WWE was only booking one ladder match for the belts and negating the one match that made the PPV so important in the past.

The purpose of MITB is to allow a superstar to threaten the current champ’s reign at any and all times, and to make the title holder uncomfortable and nervous at every turn, because they could lose the belt to someone at any moment. It’s tense, electric television, and it’s the ideal side story for the WWE to fall back on any time things start to get less than exciting.

Having Rollins not only be the one to announce it, but also be the one to declare he’s the first one in the match, was an absolute spark of genius. He immediately gets even more heat on him, while also fulfilling one of the WWE Universe‘s biggest current wishes.

So now that we’ve been told one thing we’ve been wanting to hear, all that’s left is putting in the other contenders we want to see. If Dean Ambrose is not in this match, then I don’t even know what to think any more. However, I highly doubt they’ll miss the boat on something like that.

While this announcement was a monumental update on what seemed like a PPV destined for mediocrity, nothing will compare to Roman Reigns winning the title in one match and Rollins grabbing the briefcase in the other. Triple H said he never loses, but it seems The Shield is about to win bigger than ever.

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