WWE Raw (6/16) Reaction: Roman Reigns Should Be The Next Champion

By Shaun Lowe
WWE The Shield Facebook
WWE The Shield Facebook

Monday Night Raw saw two combatants fill the final two spots in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. This was an expected and predictable turn of events, with less than two weeks remaining before the all-important PPV arrives.

The difference between this show and the standard predictability of Raw and the WWE as a whole is that I was shocked Roman Reigns was admitted entry into the main event of MITB. The signs have been around for quite some time, indicating that Reigns would see that push to the moon that everyone has been expecting of “The Golden Boy” throughout the year; however, I’ve felt like it’s still been just a little too early, and that he still needs that rivalry match with Triple H at SummerSlam before becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s been said ad nauseam that Reigns is a future champion, that he’s the future of this business, and we all need to put our stock in him moving forward. I cannot possibly tell you how much I want to see him conquer the world, to be the one holding the gold and breaking records left and right — I’m just nervous about him peaking too soon.

While it makes sense to move forward with the push now with the roster in flux suffering from injuries and absences, it’s also a risky move that could put the next top-of-the-mountain superstar from reaching that potential. We’ve seen similar moves in the past — The Miz and Umaga to name two — be pushed through the roof way too soon, peaking and having nowhere to go but down.

The difference with Reigns and these past mistakes is that he has everything going for him: the look, the attitude, the momentum and the fan support. He couldn’t possibly be any hotter than he is right now, unless he wins the belt and starts dominating the entire roster.

CM Punk challenged for a top spot in the record books for days as the WWE Champion, managing to keep the gold for 434 days, but if the WWE makes the best move for business moving forward, they’ll have Reigns’ first run as champion last even longer than that.

They need to establish the title as truly meaningful again, what with the belt changing hands so frequently in the last 10 years. The biggest reason Ric Flair is so revered is that he’s held the top-level titles a total of 16 times; that number seemed incomprehensible 20 years ago, but is now being challenged by at least three current superstars on the WWE roster: Randy Orton (12), Triple H (13), and John Cena (14).

Those numbers tell you just how frequently that titles change hands, which is a real shame considering that was one of the biggest fan complaints with WCW during the days when the company was crashing down to Earth. They need to reestablish the importance and impact of being the champion, and Reigns is the perfect one to do that.

The Shield are no more. Even if Reigns and Dean Ambrose are on the same page, the group itself is done. This leaves the WWE Universe with no choice. The Shield may be gone, Seth Rollins may have turned his back on us all, and Ambrose may just be a lunatic ready to rearrange faces, but if we want to believe in anything — to trust that we even can believe in anything — we need only to believe in Roman Reigns.

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