WWE's Money In The Bank May Be Turning Into A Worthwhile PPV

By Shaun Lowe
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WWE Facebook

Last week, I talked about Money In The Bank looking like it wouldn’t be a very good PPV due to a lack of an actual MITB ladder match for the briefcase. While I still believe that the WWE needs to add a second ladder match for said briefcase, they’ve taken a step in the right direction after the latest edition of Raw.

Having the likes of Alberto Del Rio in the MITB match is an absolute sham to me, seeing that he’s not been in contention for the main belt(s) in quite some time, and he was a boring entertainer prone to making mistakes even during his last run. I like all the other entrants in the match though, especially the three biggest additions: Cesaro, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.

Cesaro is a freak of nature who is able to accomplish feats of strength men his stature shouldn’t be capable of. He won over the fans in an organic way with Zeb Colter as a part of the Real Americans, only to turn on his former group and join arguably the greatest manager in sports entertainments history: Paul Heyman.

Since that development, his career has stagnated, not forming any true rivalries or alliances with anyone and seemingly being lost in the shuffle. Regardless of how great Heyman is, he’s been too distracted with his other (absent) client, Brock Lesnar, to put in the work necessary to turn Cesaro into the superstar it seemed he was transitioning into.

Having him in this match could and should bolster his character, especially if he manages to be one of the final combatants still standing at the end.

Bray Wyatt is this generation’s Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, possessing the ability to not only maintain a successful character, but also to develop one. He’s one of the few entertainers in the WWE right now with an actual character, rather than an exaggerated version of the real person behind the persona, which I think is the biggest reason for his current status.

He’s experienced so much success in such a short time while never regressing or acting the least bit satisfied. Wyatt could benefit greatly from winning the MITB match, as would the WWE, for no other reason other than he would be capable of adding story and drama to the stature of being the champion. Bray wants power in the WWE — he needs it, and after feuding with John Cena for so long, he needs a new element to elevate his career further.

A win here puts him in rare air, not to mention ushering in the new era of entertainers and solidly legitimizing the character.

The presence of Reigns in this match, though, blows away any surprise or shock that any of the other entrants caused. He’s billed as the future of this business, the next in line to be the heir to the throne that currently only Cena can claim. Having The Shield split apart and Reigns being thrust into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture within weeks of becoming a singles contender is what makes this development so jarring.

I am all for the addition of Reigns in this match, though I do have some reservations about it. I think he’s the ideal candidate moving forward, though he still has some things to work on and polish.

No matter who wins, I believe this is where the WWE needs to show faith in the next generation, and one of these three need to walk out of MITB with the gold. I just hope that at MITB, the “Reality Era” begins its true run with a champion capable of a convincing reign.

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