WWE's Stardust A Questionable Fit For Cody Rhodes

By Damian Seeto
Cody Rhodes With Goldust
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

Stardust made his debut on Raw, but is this new identity good for Cody Rhodes‘ career?

Rhodes had a good thing going when he was the tag-team partner of Goldust last year. They became the tag-team champions and were very popular. For a stretch of time, they even took part in some of the best matches held in 2013. Everything came crashing down after they lost the belts.

It had been rumored Rhodes would face Goldust at WrestleMania XXX. It would be Brother vs. Brother. Dusty Rhodes could have been the special guest referee. However, WWE had no storyline for them as they were chucked into the Battle Royal with the other wrestlers with no storylines.

Rhodes then teased breaking up with Goldust. He tried to find new partners for Goldust, but nobody clicked. He then announced a new partner will be coming to the WWE. That partner became Stardust which is just Rhodes dressed up as a different version of Goldust.

Something speaks to me that this gimmick was Vince McMahon’s idea. Goldust was comedic on his own, but do we really need two of the same character? I was hoping Rhodes would tag with Bad News Barrett to become an edgy, new heel team. Alas, he has stayed with Goldust, but he’s now wearing face paint.

Rhodes may make the gimmick work, but I’m not sold on it so far. Comedic acts like Fandango and Adam Rose have flopped in the past. Stardust could flop too if the fans aren’t into it. Maybe with the help of Goldust, Stardust might have a chance of surviving.

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