Managing His Daughter Charlotte Is The Ideal Role For Ric Flair

By Dan Marsiglia
Ric Flair and Charlotte
Courtesy of WWE NXT Facebook

Charlotte is one of the fastest rising stars in WWE. After defeating Natalya in the finals of a tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s champion, the femme fatale skyrocketed her stock.

She’s an amazing athlete who rarely stops to take a breath. Considering she’s only been wrestling since 2012, her skills are impressive. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised with her development; she is Ric Flair‘s daughter, after all.

Speaking of the Nature Boy, it’s only a matter of time before he makes his return to television. Flair recently passed a crucial physical and has been cleared to tour with the company. He’s expected to perform regularly in a non-wrestling role, but his place on the roster has yet to be decided.

There were rumors that Flair would return to manage the Miz, something the company tried last year. Flair gave Miz “permission” to use the figure-four leglock, and “the Awesome One” developed a Flair-like gimmick. A horrible idea destined for failure, the fans turned on it immediately and the Miz was soon relegated to jobber status. The Miz has missed several months filming “the Marine 4”, but his return to TV is considered imminent.

It would make far more sense to put Flair with his daughter, Charlotte. WWE already acknowledges their relationship and even used Flair as a second for Charlotte’s championship victory at NXT Takeover.

If WWE is hesitant, it’s because they’re worried about Flair outshining Charlotte. She’s still fairly green and Flair is a master showman, so the concern isn’t unwarranted. Still, Ric must understand that his daughter is the one who needs the spotlight, and I doubt he would do anything to jeopardize her–at least not intentionally. Charlotte’s wrestling skill will eventually get her over, but putting Flair by her side will give her much needed credibility.

Judging from recent house show advertising, it appears that cooler heads will prevail. It’s also evident that it may not be long before Charlotte is called up to the main roster.

Both Charlotte and her father are advertised to appear at WWE’s next live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 12. This can’t be a coincidence, and I suspect WWE will use the Garden crowd to gauge the potential of a father/daughter pairing.

Charlotte still needs some seasoning in NXT, but her time to shine in the bigs isn’t far away. With the Nature Boy by her side, how could she possibly fail?

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