TNA Might Go Back To A 6-Sided Ring

By Damian Seeto
Austin Aries Unhappy
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

The popular six-sided ring that TNA formerly used might be coming back.

TNA recently held a poll asking fans if they’d like to see the six-sided ring make a comeback. The results have been overwhelming so far, as many want to see the hexagonal-shaped ring come back after Hulk Hogan decided to revert to four sides in 2010.

Not everyone has been a fan of a six-sided ring coming back. Austin Aries thinks the ring is too hard and not as safe as a four-sided ring. He feels it’s too stiff and it’s hard to move around in. EC3 shared Aries’ opinion and didn’t feel fans should have a choice in the matter. This is because fans have never felt what it’s like to step inside a wrestling ring and perform before.

As a fan, a six-sided ring looks different and sets itself apart from other wrestling organizations. I also felt TNA staged its best-ever matches when it had a six-sided ring. Things started to go downhill in 2010 when the company reverted back to four sides. TNA lost its own flavor, so to speak.

I’ve never been inside a wrestling ring before, so I don’t know how bad it feels like. Aries wrestled for TNA in between 2005 to 2007, so he knows how hard the ring feels. EC3 has never wrestled in a six-sided ring before, so I’m guessing he’s a bit paranoid about the change. After all, not many wrestling companies use six-sided rings. Only a handful of guys have experience inside that ring.

It will be interesting to see what TNA decides. Will the company listen to the fans, or listen to the actual wrestlers?

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