WWE NXT (6/19): Was Return Of NXT Superstar Teased?

By Shaun Lowe


Enzo Amore Facebook
Enzo Amore Facebook

Last night on NXT, they had Devin Taylor do an interview with Colin Cassady (Big Cass), during which he sang the most well-known lyrics from “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin, “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s…” intentionally pausing on the last word and lightly tapping Devin on the nose before walking off screen. If you’re anything like me, that promo caused you to practically jump for joy, because it signaled the definite return of an NXT superstar I wrote about not long ago: Enzo Amore.

I was initially under the impression that he would be making his comeback much sooner than it appears he actually will, which is unfortunate, but such is the way of the business. The good news is, he’s definitely back as of the most recent NXT tapings; the bad news is that it’s not scheduled to air until July 17th. NXT usually tapes their episodes around 4-5 weeks ahead of time, which occasionally throws off fans who pay attention to rumors and spoilers, because something will happen to a wrestler or even several of them, and you won’t see it for nearly a month. The biggest example of this outside the return of Enzo is Tyler Breeze being recently injured and showing up perfectly fine on this week’s NXT episode. There have been talks of filming the episodes the week of or even doing them live, but Triple H has stated that it costs far too much to go live, at least with how things currently stand.

Having a personality like Enzo come back into the spotlight is good for the WWE on all levels, both NXT and for the company as a whole. If they want to build up new talent, this is a prime example of someone they truly need to invest in. With CM Punk out, they need someone able and willing to call people out on things, to entertain the crowd, make everyone laugh, and play mind games. While he comes off as a goofy/jerky Jersey guy, there’s intent with all the catchphrases, insults, and character traits. He plays things cool, has an overwhelming abundance of self-confidence, knowing exactly who he is and who others are not. Every generation needs a stand out heel, capable of causing the crowd to either love them or love to hate them, and right now the WWE doesn’t have one. You may suggest Randy Orton as someone who may fit that bill, but Orton is purely heel with nothing but shoddy mic skills, good looks, and a famous bloodline. Punk was this generation’s representative, but he’s long gone and no, he’s not going to come back. That spot needs a replacement and Enzo should slide into that role comfortably… if billed correctly.

Enzo is 100% coming back and this time we actually know when. What happens when he gets back isn’t clear, because he and Big Cass were meant to join the main roster last December, so it comes down to whether they’ll remain down in NXT to get their momentum back or if they’ll quickly be called up to the big leagues to shore up a weak tag division. Either way, I’m happy to declare: bada boom, the realest guy is back in the room.

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