WWE Rumors: AJ Lee Is Pregnant

By RantSports Staff
AJ Lee

In the WWE gossip news of the day, AJ Lee is rumored to be pregnant. The rumor was started on Reddit by user MetsFan4Ever, who has posted things that have ended up being true in the past.

From Reddit:

“I have gotten word from a reliable source that AJ Lee is pregnant. I am looking more into this story and can’t confirm yet. But I figured I would share this story here first with you fans. We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true.”

Obviously, CM Punk is thought to be the father, as the two were engaged a couple months back. Lee has been off television since the night after WrestleMania, and now many people are thinking that this is the reason why.

But to be clear, there’s been no confirmation on this rumor from Lee or Punk, nor will there be considering how they keep to themselves.

It is worth noting that the Reddit user recently posted about JTG’s release before it was officially announced, and he’s also leaked things from Raw scripts that ended up being accurate.

If Lee is pregnant it wouldn’t be that surprising. Newly engaged and married couples have kids all the time. The only unique thing is that both Lee and Punk are in the public spotlight. That’s really the only reason this is a story.

As far as what it means (if the rumors are true) for their WWE futures? Only they and Vince likely know.

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