WWE Raw Predictions (6/23): Rivalries Will Likely Be Highlighted Going Into MITB

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Raw Facebook
WWE Raw Facebook

WWE Raw tonight should mainly be about the rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continuing to grow and filling the remaining spots in the Money In The Bank Briefcase Ladder Match. I don’t foresee any crazy bombshells being dropped on us, unless a very random or a returning WWE superstar gets added to the ladder match.

Three of the entrants who I thought should be in the match look to be headed for a chance at the briefcase: Rollins, Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett. The latter two had a match this past Smackdown (6/20), with Ziggler saying he’s been Mr. Money In The Bank before so he can be again, and BNB declaring he’s the only one who will climb that ladder and grab the briefcase.

It’s obvious that the WWE wants to keep the feud going between Ambrose and Rollins, so having those two not involved in the same match is hard to believe. I think Ambrose will get his shot at getting into the MITB match tonight, even if he has to pull a Roman Reigns and force his way into that kind of opportunity.

Last week on Raw, Reigns wasn’t put into the Battle Royal match for a slot in the MITB Championship Ladder Match, so he schemed a way in. Meeting up with Vickie Guerrero in the back while she was putting together coffees for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he distracted her long enough to put something in the drinks and set up a disgusting and hilarious scene for later in the show when Stephanie got incredibly sick.

After Steph threw up all over Vickie, Triple H and Steph left for the night, leaving Vickie in charge for the remainder of the show. With Vickie standing there covered in puke and screaming hysterically, Roman walked up to tell her that she’s already in hot water, so she might as well do some good with her power — and with that he was added into the Battle Royal.

While I don’t think that Ambrose will take an identical route, I do think that he’s going to sneak his way in, or he’ll be put into a match against an opponent he shouldn’t be able to defeat, but will.

One can only hope that tonight’s Raw is as good as last week’s. If things continue on the same path, WWE fans might be in for a treat after what seemed to be a return to form with how that Raw was scripted. With all the financial issues that Vince McMahon and his company have gone through recently, there’s a lot of rumors swirling that the company is wanting to move towards what is safe, which is why matches were booked last week, a Battle Royal (a fan favorite) was added, old-school humor was used, and an underdog in Reigns rose to the occasion.

It’s all how things used to be booked, but I don’t think the company will play it so safe that everything is predictable.

As it stands, MITB has only three matches: the two ladder matches and one between The Usos and The Wyatt Family for the Tag Team Championship. Tonight will hopefully fill out the card for MITB, or at least add one additional match. While it’s odd to me that they’ve been waiting until the absolute last minute to finalize PPV cards so far this year, I’ve got to hand it to WWE as they’ve done a great job of keeping us on our toes.

Tonight, they’ll fill most, if not all of the spots in the briefcase match, maintain momentum in the Ambrose/Rollins feud, and we should see at least one more match set up for this Sunday’s PPV event, with Smackdown filling whatever openings are remaining.

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