WWE Raw Reaction (6/23): Vickie Guerrero Retires

By Shaun Lowe
Vickie Guerrero Facebook
Vickie Guerrero Facebook

Vickie Guerrero is the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero, and has been in and around the business for decades. It’s been rumored for years that Vince McMahon told Eddie that if anything ever happened to him, Vince would take care of Vickie, making sure she has work and stays in the business because it’s what she loves.

Since the unfortunate passing of Eddie, Vickie has gone on to be featured in some major storylines with current and future Hall-of-Famers, including a long love story with Edge and a manager’s role with one of the brightest stars in the business, Dolph Ziggler.

Just before WrestleMania XXX, there were rumors indicating that Vickie would be retiring, which turned out not to be true at the time. She stuck around to set up the Divas match at the ‘showcase of them all,’ featuring every diva on the main roster. As we all know, AJ Lee walked out with the belt still in hand, only to lose it the next night on Raw.

Since then, Vickie has been used sparingly, only really appearing to make an announcement or to make a fool of herself for our entertainment. It comes as no surprise that she would finish off her last two weeks doing some of the most disgusting and humiliating skits the business has to offer; last week, Vickie was thrown up on by Stephanie McMahon, and this week she was thrown (also by Steph) into a pool of thick, gross-looking chocolate pudding.

A lot of us have wondered when Vickie would exit stage right, walking away from the business for good and sparing us from that screeching voice ever again. After last night, it’s evident that she’s done for good, and the tweets that soon followed unequivocally confirmed it:


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