Jack Swagger Is A Clumsy Goof Who Injures Wrestlers

Jack Swagger Clumsy

Image from Jack Swagger – WWE Universe Facebook

Bad News Barrett is unfortunately injured thanks to the unsafe goof named Jack Swagger.

The doctor had some bad news to tell Barrett during the Smackdown tapings this week: He suffered an injured shoulder. It’s unknown yet if he can compete at Money in the Bank. Considering that the match involves ladders and other weapons, it’s likely he’d have to sit the match out. He might also have to vacate the Intercontinental Title if it’s a serious injury.

We can all thank the clumsy unsafe wrestler named Swagger for that. He threw Barrett too hard into the barricade, and a pop was heard. This isn’t the first time Swagger has injured someone from his clumsy and reckless wrestling.

Swagger concussed Dolph Ziggler last year by kicking him in the face for real. This was bad for Ziggler because he was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion at the time. His reign was cut short simply because of the injury. Swagger is clumsy and really needs to be careful. If he continues like this, he will injure more people. There’s a reason why the WWE hasn’t pushed him since 2010, and this is one of them.

If he doesn’t adjust his reckless style, there’s a good chance the WWE might release him. It won’t be a huge loss since Swagger hasn’t been relevant for a long time now. If Barrett doesn’t make it to Money in the Bank, we may see a new name replace him. You have to feel bad for Barrett though, as he was in the middle of another push.

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  • Joey Stone

    so hes injured people twice in his career? how long has he been a in WWE? its pro-wrestling dude shit happens, it was a throw into a barricade if anything thats more on Barrett than it is on Swagger. If people are wreckless and fuck up and injure a star they get alot of shit, not only didnt he not, he kind of got a whole huge heel angle for a good long while. Ziggler was a champ and Swagger still didnt get buried because it was an accident. This article is kind of ridiculous.

    • SS87

      Basically for the WWE Smoking refer >>> injuries wrestlers in key positions

      • Wes

        wwe is part of the go green initiative

  • Reasonable Conservative

    This article is not only unfair, but also ridiculously biased to an ignorant and hateful argument.