Stardust Will Make Very Interesting PPV Debut at WWE Money in the Bank

By Dan Marsiglia
Courtesy of Cody Rhodes – WWE Universe Facebook

After defeating the team of R-Truth and Xavier Woods on Main Event, RybAxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel) issued a challenge to the Rhodes Brothers for Money in the Bank.

The card for Money in the Bank is very top-heavy, with most of the big names performing in the two ladder matches. The rest of the card is wide open for under-card wrestlers to fill the gaps, and these four men had their names called.

Cody Rhodes walked out on his half-brother, Goldust, after deeming his own efforts unacceptable. For several weeks, Rhodes hand-picked new tag partners to succeed him. Predictably, his choices didn’t work out so well. Instead of finding yet another replacement, he underwent a transformation; Stardust was born.

This Sunday will mark the PPV debut for Rhodes’ new gimmick, and the jury is still out as to whether or not it will work. He has clearly embraced the role, and going all the way with a new character is the best way to get yourself over with the fans. Stadust has shown a flair for the dramatic, and it seems we’re in store for more than a few wacky interview segments over the coming weeks and months.

That could either be a blessing or a curse. Nothing fails harder than poor, low-brow comedy, and Rhodes’ bizarre character development could kill any and all credibility he ever had. On the other hand, he is a strong performer and there’s a chance the gimmick helps get him over – in the short-term. Long-term? Plain and simple, there isn’t any money doing a Goldust impersonation.

They’re trying to establish Stardust and Goldust as a respectable team, so I expect they’ll go over at Money in the Bank in Boston. The match is pure filler, existing solely to fill space on a mostly barren card. That being said, it’s a chance for Stardust to perform on PPV in a major city, and it will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to him.

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