Will Rusev, Big E Collide at WWE Money In The Bank?

By Dan Marsiglia
Rusev and Big E
Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment Facebook

Wrestlers Rusev and Big E have become entangled in something of a patriotic war. Rusev and Lana are firm supporters of Russia’s efforts, demeaning the United States (and Barack Obama) at every turn. With the country in need of a hero, Big E has stepped up to the plate for the old U.S. of A, carrying the weight of a nation on his broad shoulders.

Big E and Rusev locked horns at Payback on June 1, with Rusev claiming the all-important victory. Big E has experienced something of a rejuvenation since that fateful night, winning his last four televised singles matches. For reasons unbeknownst to me, he also started talking like a Southern Baptist. Perhaps his wrestling revival is coinciding with a spiritual awakening? More likely, Rusev’s Accolade is reeking havoc on his brain cells.

Rusev has been his usual dominant self since Payback, fulfilling his promises to “udrea” and “machka” with equal aplomb. The Super Athlete is getting seriously over with WWE fans, who are beginning to take this monster seriously.

Rusev is a perfect example of a gimmick that cannot possibly fail. You’d have to be a pretty deplorable wrestler to win all of your matches in less than a minute, even against multiple opponents and not eventually get over. Oh, by the way, he also represents a country that the United States has “history” with. A dominant heel, representing one of America’s biggest political adversaries, is catching on in the wrestling world? No way.

It’s doubly grand for Vince McMahon, who will reap the benefits of creating a star while taking as many potshots at Obama as his heart desires.

It’s only a matter of time before Big E crosses paths once more with the mighty Rusev, and it just might happen this Sunday at Money in the Bank. It’s only apropos that Boston, a driving force behind the American Revolution, will play host to the all-important contest.

The staunch patriots in the crowd will firmly support Big E, but the all-knowing wrestling fan will sit back and await the inevitable. After Rusev disposes of Big E like a bad case of the fleas, you won’t see any tea floating in the Boston harbor. Rather, you’ll spy bits and pieces of Old Glory slowly drifting toward the Atlantic.

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