WWE Money In The Bank: Is Kane The Next Champ?

By Shaun Lowe
Courtesy of Kane – WWE Universe Facebook

On RawKane was added as the eighth competitor in the Money In The Bank World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, which at first doesn’t seem like much of a big deal considering his age and his involvement in the last couple of years.

However, I wonder if there’s a chance that they’ve added him in an effort to continue the Daniel Bryan feud they started a little while back?

It’s an incredible long shot that they would ever put the straps on Kane, but there’s still a chance. It would make sense for him to walk out champion if they knew Bryan would be back to compete at the next PPV. Kane being champion would be a strange thing for sure, but having him defend against and lose to Bryan at Battleground makes perfect sense.

They started up a feud between the two former tag partners shortly after Bryan’s WrestleMania victory in an effort to bide time until the bigger PPV events, where he would face the biggest competition the WWE has to offer. Regardless of the logic behind the decision to move forward with the rivalry, it was an absolute mockery of Bryan’s championship reign.

Bryan had arguably the biggest WrestleMania moment in the history of the event with the culmination of a nearly year-long journey that sent the entire WWE Universe into a euphoric joy. What followed was a feud with a man whose time in the limelight has passed, and who hasn’t been truly involved in the title picture in years.

It devolved into a B-horror movie storyline, complete with lights mysteriously going out and the villain’s mask being left in strategically-placed spots; there was even a moment where just when the heroes are about to get away in their car, they realize the engine’s been tampered with and the villain is hiding in the backseat.

Luckily for Bryan, his neck injury that had been bothering him for some time became something that couldn’t be ignored any longer, and he needed to take some time off. This obviously killed off the feud and Kane was left with practically nothing to do, even though there was a match at MITB against Bryan set up for him.

Either he asked to be put into a match because he was supposed to have one anyway, or they’re planning on putting the belts on Kane so he can lose them to Bryan at Battleground. The former is 99.99 percent likely to be the reason why he was added to the ladder match, but there’s still that tiny .01 percent chance that Kane becomes the next champion.

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