WWE Rumors: SummerSlam 2014 Main Event Possibly Spoiled By DVD Cover

By RantSports Staff
WWE SummerSlam
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SummerSlam has long been dubbed as WWE‘s second biggest show of the year. But until recently that wasn’t really accurate. However, the buzz surrounding the event in 2014 is proof that SummerSlam’s stock is indeed on the rise. SS is still two months out, but fans are already buzzing over the potential main event.

Will it feature a returning Daniel Bryan? Will it feature Brock Lesnar?

The latest rumors seem to have WWE moving away from Bryan vs. Lesnar, and moving toward Lesnar vs. John Cena.

If the SummerSlam 2014 DVD post on Amazon is any indication, Lesnar vs. Cena II could very well headline the event:

SummerSlam 2014

Obviously things can change, but one can easily gather from this photo that Cena and Lesnar will at minimum be featured at SS. Maybe they don’t main-event, but they’ll be heavily involved in the plans and build.

As much as some fans will groan over the thought of Lesnar vs. Cena II, it’s a match that needs to happen. If it involves the WWE title, even better. That’s definitely the silver lining here. The ante will be upped for this rematch, likely via the title that Cena will win at Money In the Bank.

It’s possible that Bryan could be added to this match, but he doesn’t need to be. Some will argue that making it a three-way dance will decrease the ‘big match feel’ of Cena and Lesnar one-on-one.

Either way, Brock Lesnar needs to leave SS as the WWE champion. That’s what’s best for business.

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