WWE Superstar Jack Swagger Should Be Fired

By Shaun Lowe
Jack Swagger Facebook
Jack Swagger Facebook

In the span of 13 months, Jack Swagger has been responsible for two separate injuries that could spoil two careers, and it’s time he sees more of a punishment than being mostly taken out of the championship picture. After kicking Dolph Ziggler directly in the face last May, which caused a severe concussion, Ziggler was dubbed too”injury-prone” and has all but disappeared from anything of merit or worth.

Now Bad News Barrett has been bitten by the Curse of Swagger after suffering a separated shoulder on the most recent taping of Smackdown. As for the severity of the separation, word is that the WWE is waiting for his X-rays today before commenting further.

Ziggler is one of the best stars in the company and Barrett is one of its hottest rising stars, but both of them have had an injury history. After a face-off with Swagger, they’ll never get the opportunity to be the guy in the company. Ziggler was stripped of his World Heavyweight Championship and thrown to the dogs, never to sniff gold again.

It was nice to see Triple H declare to the crowd on Raw that even though we all think he hates Ziggler, he knows how good he is, resulting in his admittance into the Money In The Bank briefcase ladder match.

Barrett was seemingly heading towards a future with the Intercontinental Championship in one hand and the all-important briefcase in the other. While I still think Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose have always been the planned victor, Barrett had the best odds as a surprise winner.

There’s little to no chance of anything like that happening now, or potentially ever, if the executives of the WWE feel the same way towards Barrett as they do about Ziggler — and it’s all on Swagger for being reckless.

There’s of course the possibility that Ziggler and Barrett both made a wrong move during their matches with Swagger, but the mistakes Jack has been known to make are piling up around him like  mountains. He was paired with Zeb Colter in order to make up for his ineptitude on the mic, benefited greatly from the presence of fan favorite Cesaro, and even with his prior history of making mistakes, he’s seen his career trajectory continue to point upwards.

If this injury keeps Barrett out of the MITB ladder match, the WWE needs to add Swagger to their ongoing releases.

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