Is Brock Lesnar Replacing Bad News Barrett At WWE Money in the Bank?

By Shaun Lowe
Brock Lesnar Facebook
Brock Lesnar Facebook

Rumors on the return of Brock Lesnar have furiously ramped up just before each of the last two PPV‘s —Extreme Rules and Payback,– so it’s no surprise the lead up to Money In The Bank (MITB) hasn’t been any different. Many believe Lesnar will be the replacement for the injured Bad News Barrett if he’s pulled from the MITB Briefcase Ladder Match.

After having a match with Dean Ambrose, Barrett was attacked by Jack Swagger, who recklessly threw Barrett around, causing a separated shoulder. This lead to speculation as to who would be the one to replace Barrett, if there are even any plans to use anyone else. Lesnar seems to be the one a lot of people are crossing their fingers for, but it sounds like The Miz would be a more likely candidate.

Miz is one of the WWE‘s most often used media representatives, so having him back on WWE TV would be a smart play; but him replacing  a fan favorite like Barrett would likely put unwanted heat on Miz, to the point that fans wouldn’t care one way or another about any feuds he’d be entering into. Thou gh kids like him because he always seems to act cool, and women like him because he’s handsome and exudes confidence, Miz hasn’t had the attention of the majority in years. That makes him a fairly useless option in this situation, because he would benefit greatly from a return on Raw or Smackdown, where he can enter into a feud right away or at the very least start up a story line, rather than just be thrown in as a menial plan b; I think the work Miz does off screen has earned him that courtesy.

That leaves us with the better alternative Lesnar, who would come back at a highly anticipated PPV, get the chance to show off his chops in a match he’s never competed in (MITB), and have the opportunity to gain a championship title match at any time, rather than just demanding one. When Lesnar came back this year, he and Paul Heyman said the only reason he’s back is to win the belts. The problem there is that Lesnar isn’t the number one contender, Randy Orton should technically own that title, and Lesnar hasn’t done anything to warrant the ability to immediately go after the gold — unless of course we count defeating The Undertakers undefeated streak at WrestleMania as being the equivalent to a number one contenders match.

I get it, I understand why they would want to build up Lesnar to grandiose heights, because frankly they should; but they also need to be reasonable and come up with a storyline where it makes sense how he’d be a challenger for the belts the moment he comes back. Putting him into the ladder match for the briefcase would make that work, although we would see a quick turnaround on cashing it in, which upsets the drama inherent in holding the briefcase. Typically several months go by with winners holding the briefcase over the heads of the champion, teasing cashing it in just to play mind games, ultimately waiting for their most promising moment to gain the belts before handing over the briefcase. If Lesnar were indeed to show up tomorrow night, be inserted into the match and win, he would likely cash in later in the night for a convincing victory over the worn out winner of the Championship Ladder Match.

Imagine this: John Cena climbs the ladder, unhooks the hanging belts, wins the match (as most of us expect), only to then hear The Beast Incarnate‘s theme crack through the speakers. Lesnar comes out onto the stage, does his usual pumping up routine, then he plottingly walks down to the ring, hands over the newly won gold briefcase, hears the bell ring, and promptly beats Cena down until he just F5s Cena into oblivion. This leads to a three count and Lesnar standing over Super Cena, displaying the spoils of war that were meant for the undisputed face of the WWE to hold. Not only does it satisfy the need for shocking entertainment, the crowd would go from hating Lesnar for ending the streak to loving the giant-slaying beast.

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