John Cena Becomes A 15-Time WWE World Champion

John Cena Champion Again

Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

As it turns out, John Cena‘s reign at the top has not stopped, as he is now a 15-time WWE World Champion.

Cena is now just one win away from tying Ric Flair‘s record of being a 16-time world champion. This is also Cena’s first reign as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His career started when there were always two champions around. This is the only time where he is the only world champion in the company.

Cena’s win was a predictable one. Leaked SummerSlam advertisements had a poster with him and Brock Lesnar on it. This is a strong indication Cena will be defending the title against Lesnar, who has not been a champion in the WWE since 2004. As much as the WWE wants a Cena vs. Lesnar match to happen, many fans are outraged with the outcome. Cena has been a world champion for every year since 2005 apart from 2012.

With the rise of Daniel Bryan earlier this year, many thought 2014 was a year for newcomers. Well, now the status quo has come back with Cena being on top again.

Fans were cheering all night for the likes of Bray Wyatt, Cesaro or Roman Reigns to win. Wrestling fans want to see fresh new faces at the top, but the WWE refuses to give them that. Some fans are even threatening not to renew their WWE Network subscriptions based on this result.

I still think the WWE is dumb putting all its efforts on Cena for so long. WWE lost a huge chunk of fans over the years because they were sick of seeing Cena. He is still on top, and I’m sure even more fans will be tuning out and watching something else, like UFC.

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  • brodyus

    Couldnt have said it better. I was strongly considering getting a sub to watch MITB, but I just knew deep down they would screw us once again and put the belt on Cena. I am very glad I did not get a subscription for that I would have had to go through alot of trouble to get my money back. LOLCENAWINS……….. what a joke!

  • Damien Kreslein

    Yeah I stopped watching for awhile once Edge and RVD were gone came back when it looked like D-Bry was getting there but now he’s hurt and its back to garbage time with The Shit Factor of Professional Wrestling. I hold out hope that Lesnar destroys him at Summer slam but if that happens instead of Lesnar going over as a monster we’ll hear that Cena was hurt or some other stupid shit to protect this Ass Clown. Then worst of all is you know WWE is going to have him break Flairs record even though his record is actually like 18-20 but WWE try to rewrite history with Flairs reigns but honestly if he doesn’t put Lesnar over clean at Summerslam I’m done with this company again.

  • IamLisa

    Watch John Cena’s 15th title reign? No thanks. Been there, done that. Why would I want to watch a rerun for a 15th time? I was already planning no to renew the network, because it’s not worth it, but I’m surely not renewing now just out of protest.