WWE: Randy Orton Won The Show At Money In The Bank

By Shaun Lowe
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On Sunday, Randy Orton proved his worth as a superstar not by winning the match, but by continuing after getting injured during the Money In The Bank Championship Ladder Match — an injury that required 12 staples on the crown of his head.

Now don’t get me wrong; if he was seriously injured and needed to be taken out of the match, then he should have been taken out. I’m not giving him credit for ignoring his health; rather, I’m crediting him with having some of the biggest spots and moments in the entire match after being injured.

I’m not sure if he just stopped caring at the point or if he knew there was a chance the medics would come out and pull him from the match, but either way, he put on a terrific match, and I begrudgingly say that because I’m not a fan of Orton.

He was climbing the ladder, being aided by Kane, only to have Roman Reigns come in to push the ladder over, knocking Orton off the steps and throwing him over to the ropes. That was the planned bump, but what came next was not in the rehearsals: Kane pushed the ladder over a little too hard and after Orton turned around from the ropes, it fell down directly on top of his head, splitting it open.

Orton rolled out of the ring pretty immediately, but the WWE Network audience didn’t see any blood just yet.

A few moments after Orton rolled out, you could see one of the referees putting medical gloves on, but there was still no clear picture of what was going on. Then, Orton rolled back into the ring several minutes later, sticking close to the turnbuckle, continuing to lay on his side, almost debating on whether or not to stand and fight. Eventually, he stood upright, apparently deciding to go bezerk, because that’s when he just started laying waste to everyone.

When he nearly broke a ladder in half by slamming it into Reigns and pulled Cesaro of the ladder for a monster RKO, you could say he’d lost his mind, bent on sheer destruction.

Whatever clicked for Orton after that ladder slapped him upside the head, it turned him into a show-stealer, and while his health should be taken seriously, so should the improvements he made in winning the show.

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