WWE Raw Predictions (6/30): The Authority Reacts To What Happened At Money In The Bank

By Shaun Lowe
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WWE Facebook

Tonight on Raw, the focus should be on the fallout between The Authority and Randy Orton. While there wasn’t any true indications of that happening during Money In The Bank, it only makes sense for Triple H to get upset with Orton for letting him and the Authority down, when Seth Rollins lived up to his end of the bargain by winning the Briefcase Ladder Match.

Rollins will likely rub that in the face of Orton, while Orton will point out that Rollins needed help from Kane in order to get the win. This argument will get the two superstars face to face, where Triple H will need to break them apart.

After splitting up the pawns of the Authority, Triple H will schedule a match between Rollins and Dean Ambrose, with Orton likely going up against either John Cena or Roman Reigns. Ambrose may attempt to get his match against Rollins to be for the briefcase because he was cheated out of the win by an interrupting Kane. If the Orton match ends up being against Cena, I could picture Triple H forcing it to be for the belts, which will probably end in disqualification.

I thought there was a chance for Brock Lesnar to appear last night, which obviously didn’t happen, but the Cena win sets up the rumored SummerSlam main event between the two goliaths. There’s no reason to have Lesnar show up tonight or even the Raw show after Battleground for that matter, so tonight shouldn’t end with anything that massive happening; instead, Rollins should tease a cash-in, only to have Ambrose come down and beat the heck out of him, preventing it from happening.

What would be spectacular is the Rollins/Ambrose showdown actually happening after the Cena main event, with Rollins cashing in officially, then Ambrose coming out and costing him the opportunity. I wouldn’t be cheering against Rollins keeping the briefcase, but I would be looking forward to what the Authority comes up with to make up for things.

Would they give the briefcase back to Rollins, claiming that it was a DQ match and thus he didn’t actually lose it, 0r would they go so far as setting up another briefcase match? I can’t picture this actually taking place, because it may minimize a character they’re really trying to build into something special, but it would make for some entertaining TV.

No matter what they do, the WWE needs to ride out the Ambrose train, because it’s picking people up in droves on its way to the head of the proverbial table (even if Reigns claims to own that spot). The fans are catching on to Ambrose similar to how they did with Daniel Bryan.

Granted, it’s in a different situation, but he’s gaining immense popularity in an extremely short amount of time. If they’re smart, they’ll keep building upon his rise like they’ve been doing with Bray Wyatt.

Speaking of the patriarch of the Wyatt Family, I think he’ll start a feud with Sheamus starting tonight. The two had a pretty great interaction during the ladder match, which should spark a short rivalry between the two, hopefully without the WWE trying to falsely make a big deal of the United States ChampionshipIt needs to be about two characters who are so different, while being similar in how brutal they are in the ring.

If the WWE wants to build Sheamus up again, they need to put him in a feud with Bray, who can elevate Sheamus into something more serious, rather than the silly stereotypical Irishman he’s been playing for too long now.

As with life, the Raw after a PPV is a give and take with positives and negatives intertwined, but it’s always interesting. Look for a lot to happen on Monday, as the script and the crowd should be pretty intense.

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