Chris Jericho Is Back In WWE, But He May Have Met His Match In Bray Wyatt

By Dan Marsiglia
Chris Jericho and the Wyatt Family
Courtesy of Bray Wyatt – WWE Universe Facebook

In something of a bait and switch, Triple H teased on his Twitter page that a multi-platform superstar and former WWE Champion would be returning to Monday Night Raw. When it turned out to be the Miz, fans were openly disappointed.

Fortunately for everyone who had to sit through Miz’s completely unbelievable diatribe, he wasn’t the real star returning on that night. The lights went out, the pyro went off and there stood “Y2J” Chris Jericho in all his glittering glory. Following a brief skirmish in which Jericho delivered a devastating codebreaker to “the Grand Mizard of Lust,” it was the savior standing tall in the ring — but not for long.

Just as Jericho turned the tables on Miz’s return (completely burying him in the process), the Wyatt Family decided to hijack his spotlight for themselves. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? After triple-teaming Y2J and punishing him with Sister Abigail, Bray Wyatt made it clear who his next opponent, or victim, will be.

This is a great program, and it’s clear that Jericho wants to work with Wyatt. Jericho has been in talks with the WWE for quite some time, but he kept his return very quiet. It was a total surprise when Jericho showed up on Raw, and it’s good to know that wrestling can still deliver these shocking moments without spoiling them beforehand.

It’s unclear as of yet if Wyatt and Jericho will compete at Battleground or if the match will be held off until SummerSlam, but it’s equally possible they wrestle on both shows. I would be inclined to keep the match on ice for the bigger show in August, but Battleground is a weak card and they might need something to give it some juice.

When Jericho has returned in the past, it’s usually to come in and put guys over. Jericho will probably get to write his own ticket as far as the program is concerned, with the WWE getting what they want in the end (Bray emerging victorious). It’s a win for both sides, and another interesting program to watch this summer.

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