WWE Raw (6/30) Reactions: AJ Lee Is Back

By Shaun Lowe
Aj Lee Twitter
Aj Lee Twitter

For months now, the WWE Universe has speculated heavily on the return or potential retirement of AJ Lee, but the one thing that held strong through all of it was not knowing anything for certain.

She went on a leave of sorts shortly after the sudden departure of her now husband, CM Punk, who walked out on the Raw after the Royal Rumble in January. Since then, crowds have loudly chanted Punk’s name; fans and former stars have made comments, taken shots, and wondered when he would return.

When word came out that they were officially together, planning on getting married, then did actually get married, rumors ran wild that she was pregnant, which would have guaranteed she’d be out for quite some time — if she ever came back. At this point, we were all convinced that both of them were done for good, which was a somber thought … and then last night happened.

With Paige in the ring talking about how much she deserves to be champion, she was suddenly taken aback by the return of the former champion, AJ Lee. The crowd went wild and believe me, the crowd isn’t limited to those in the stadium last night.

AJ came down to tell Paige that Paige had proven her wrong and wanted to congratulate her on what she’s accomplished, which was a direct reflection of what happened when Paige first arrived on the Raw after WrestleMania, where she won the belt from AJ.

Realizing that Aj was doing a very similar thing to what Paige had done on that Monday night, she refused to put the belt up for grabs until the crowd convinced her to. After another fairly short match, AJ wrapped Paige up in a small package for the 1-2-3, giving the Diva’s belt back to the longest reigning champion in the history of the diva’s division.

Vince McMahon now has his prized Diva back, no longer having to worry about Paige, who he’s not a fan of. It would seem Paige was just a placeholder for the last several months instead of a legitimate champion, which is a shame because down in NXT, she proved that she’s a great talent. But on the main roster, she has not been given much to do.

Fans should enjoy a pretty spectacular and lengthy feud between the two similar stars lasting at least until SummerSlam, during which the WWE needs to build Paige up as a true successor to the title — because she’s capable of being the future of that division.

For now, we’ve been gifted back the most naturally talented Diva the WWE has ever seen in AJ. So sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and take note — because this is going to be good.

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