Chris Jericho vs. The Miz Set For Monday Night Raw In Montreal

By Dan Marsiglia
Chris Jericho and the Miz
Courtesy of the Miz – WWE Universe Facebook

For the first time in nearly a year, Chris Jericho will compete on Monday Night Raw. Jericho’s last in-ring appearance on Raw happened on July 15 of last year, where he was pinned by Rob Van Dam after 20 minutes of back and forth grappling.

His opponent next week will be The Miz, whose return coincided with that of Y2J. Jericho delivered a codebreaker to The Miz after some brief verbal jousting, and “the Most Must-See WWE Superstar Of All Time” was forgotten about seconds later.

The WWE has no serious interest in pushing The Miz. His new gimmick is that of a wanna-be movie star who thinks he’s all that, but the fans know different. It’s supposed to get him heat, but really he just looks like a complete geek. He’s going to look even worse after Jericho eats his lunch in Montreal, but the Bell Centre will be rocking nonetheless.

The real focus will be on Jericho’s new program with Bray Wyatt, which has the makings to be one of the better feuds of the summer. With two explosively charismatic superstars going head to head, there’s bound to be some fireworks. It’s been implied that working with Wyatt was a deciding factor in Jericho returning to action, which tells you that his heart is in this return.

That’s not to say he wasn’t committed to his previous revisitations, but working with Bray is a lot better than feuding with Curtis Axel or Fandango.

A lot of newsworthy (and infamous) telecasts have emanated from the Bell Centre over the years, and the building has become something of a house of horrors for WWE superstars. Everyone remembers the 1997 Survivor Series, where Bret Hart was famously the victim of the “Montreal Screwjob” handed to him by the trio of Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and a young Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

The Undertaker was also cheated at Centre Bell, albeit kayfabe, in a match against CM Punk at Breaking Point 2009. So who’s getting cheated this time around?

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