Emma Gets Fired And Then Hired Back By WWE

By Damian Seeto
Emma Dance
Image from Emma – WWE Facebook

WWE Diva Emma has had an eventful week, that’s for sure. One minute she’s fired, but then rehired again by WWE.

The story goes is that Emma was shopping at Walmart and was using the self-checkout machines. According to her lawyer, she forgot to pay for an iPhone case worth $21 or so that she still had in her purse. Upon leaving the store, Walmart caught her and thought she was stealing. The police arrived and her mugshot was taken for the world to see. She was sentenced for only community service. However, her reputation may have been ruined and it would have given WWE some negative publicity. TMZ and many other media outlets blasted this story yesterday.

A day later, WWE announced they have released Emma from her contract. Many fans online think WWE is being a bully since others in the company have not been punished for taking drugs or DUIs. Jack Swagger is one culprit. He was caught driving under the influence a year ago and smoking weed. He was never released, nor was he really buried. Not to mention Swagger injures other wrestlers, and still doesn’t get punished.

Anyway, WWE reevaluated Emma’s situation and reinstated her back in the company. I think this is the right thing to do since someone like Swagger gets away with everything. Her lawyer might be correct though. I doubt Emma would risk her reputation stealing an iPhone case that cost just $21 or so. She must have forgotten it was there and Walmart unnecessarily escalated the whole situation.

Knowing WWE, they will probably make Emma a jobber from now on. WWE usually does bury people that give them bad publicity. The only person that gets away with things is Swagger for some reason.

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