Nobody Cares About The Miz Anymore, And It's Great

By Damian Seeto
The Miz Irrelevant
Image from The Miz – Facebook Page

The Miz made his return to the WWE after filming The Marine 4, but nobody cared.

When the WWE announced that a cross-platform superstar was making their return, many were expecting it to be Chris Jericho. Jericho actually did make his comeback, but the WWE tricked the audience by sending out The Miz first. When he came out, it was in absolute silence. Even when he was bragging about himself on the microphone, people started to chant “what?” They didn’t want to see him out there hogging valuable TV time.

Once Jericho came out, the audience instantly popped. He didn’t even have to say a word, and the crowd was cheering for him. Jericho has that natural charisma that The Miz never has or ever will. Not to mention, Jericho is a much better wrestler. He’s also a legitimate cross-platform star as he made his own fame with Fozzy.

The Miz was a nobody in “The Real World” and only made movies under the WWE’s umbrella. The Marine 3 and 4 are still WWE products. I doubt he’ll be able get real roles in Hollywood like The Rock and Batista.

I’m kind of glad the WWE knows that The Miz is not a hot property. I still don’t know what drugs they were on when they made him the WWE Champion. They were even more mental in having him main event WrestleMania 27. His match with John Cena was horrible. After his floppy performance, Cena was made the WWE Champion and The Miz’s main event status was revoked.

Hopefully, The Miz stays a jobber. I never saw any talent in him whatsoever and never found him entertaining. If he becomes a main event player again, I will stop watching the WWE. I did so back when he was WWE Champion, and I’m not afraid to do it again.

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