WWE: Seth Rollins' Feud With Dean Ambrose Is The Best Thing Going

By Shaun Lowe
Seth Rollins On The Rise
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

The WWE has struck gold — briefcase gold– with the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose feud. These two spent so much time together as The Shield that it makes sense they’d be aware of how to play off one another to sheer perfection, but who knew they would be capable of something like this?

That answer is apparently Triple H and the former Shield members themselves.

Having Rollins betray the Shield, separating himself from the trio and aligning with The Authority, put him in a position where he’s always going to be involved in top feuds and used in PPVs for their purposes. Now, he’s got the Money In The Bank briefcase in his back pocket. He’s set for success throughout at least this year, if not for many years to come.

Ambrose, on the other hand, is a character long believed to be a top heel in the near future, but is experiencing a cosmic shift in personality due to how the crowds are taking to him. With his “Outsiders” schtick, one would expect for his heel tendencies to continue; however, Rollins and the Authority cheating Ambrose out of the briefcase caused the fans to get behind Ambrose more than ever before.

These two have crafted new personas that’s resulting in a gloriously entertaining feud between the former business partners. Due to the chemistry between these two, we’re seeing a rivalry that’s so spectacular, we haven’t witnessed anything like it since the days of The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. I also have to note that we’re not quite to that level just yet, but we’re getting there for sure.

Just how we’re going to get there though? Rollins has the briefcase contract, ready to cash in at any moment on whoever is the current champion, while Ambrose is lurking in the shadows, ready to prevent a successful cash-in. This dynamic constantly keeps them intertwined and will build up a hatred between the two that only Rock and Austin felt.

Having these two feud off and on, with Ambrose constantly coming out to make sure that Rollins’ cash-ins are never successful, would make for incredible TV. If the WWE is smart, it’ll play this out all year, potentially culminating at WrestleMania, where Roman Reigns would be facing off against Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Please humor me here as this is a pipe dream and immense fantasy booking, but it’s something I would love to see happen, and it would finally tie the three back together for a moment on the grandest stage of them all.

When the referee counts the 1-2-3, he’ll raise the hand of the new champion in Reigns, and the crowd will go crazy because the future face of the company will have finally reached the pinnacle … only for Rollins’ “Second Coming” theme to explode through the speakers and the former partner of Reigns run down to the ring, taking advantage of the beaten down and worn-out Reigns, finally cashing in the briefcase for good.

Rollins won’t be looking around for Ambrose, because he would have had his match against him earlier in the night or after attacking him from the back. Rollins will attack Reigns, convincingly putting Reigns in position to lose the belts, and then Ambrose’s theme “Lunatic Rage” will hit, causing Rollins to frantically look around for his enemy, who he’ll soon realize isn’t showing up.

Soon after, he’ll turn around to a massive spear from Reigns, getting pinned for the 1-2-3, losing the briefcase and the match. Then Ambrose will come out with a mic in hand, laughing maniacally at Rollins’ failure, with only one message for his former partner, “Now we’re even.”

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