WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H Not Happening At SummerSlam After All?

By Shaun Lowe
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WWE Facebook

Early in the year, rumor had it that plans were in place for Roman Reigns to face off against Triple H at SummerSlam, but all indications now point to that rivalry being delayed until much later in the year, if not into next year.

Reigns is going to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion by the end of 2015, that much you can pretty much bank on; the biggest question is when. I wrote that Reigns should face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXXI, winning his first title there, have Seth Rollins attempt to capitalize on a Money In The Bank Briefcase cash-in, and have Dean Ambrose be there to prevent Rollins from taking the belts from Reigns.

What I never talked about was the build up to that immense WM31 moment.

The easiest thing to do is have top level feuds — excluding John Cena — building up towards the Royal Rumble, where Reigns would be the last man standing. This would make on the tease we saw of him and Batista being the last two and being eliminated in favor of The Animal. The Rumble should be where we see the true turning point in Reigns’ career, where the path of his destiny really begins.

After tossing over the last competitor at the Rumble — which will hopefully be Batista — acting as both a sign Reigns has fully arrived and as sweet justice for his loss a year prior, Reigns will go into Elimination Chamber with a guaranteed main event spot at WM31. As with what happened last year, as the winner of the Rumble, he needs to be placed into a feud that keeps him out of the Chamber match, where Lesnar should be the first one in and utterly destroy all of his competition.

Prior to the Rumble and Elimination Chamber, at the final PPVs of 2014 — Night Of Champions, Hell In A CellSurvivor Series, and TLC Tables Ladders and Chairs — Reigns needs to be involved in feuds with the top heels at those events, primarily Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, and Triple H. Helping to build and develop Reigns towards ‘Mania is huge, but having a lengthy feud with Triple H is pivotal to making sure Reigns is seen as the next mega star.

While everyone likes to point out how much Triple H likes to bury people, he builds them up just as much. Triple H tends to pull the best out of his competitors, forcing them to get better or the rivalry fails — which usually spells doom for the name on the other side of the vs. I was looking forward to this happening at SS, but with this rumor simmering … well, it does make more sense to delay the feud until ‘Mania season instead.

It sounds like Reigns is set to face Orton at SS now, a rivalry that should help build Reigns’ stamina into someone who’s able to last 20-30 minutes in the ring, which is one of the biggest concerns with Reigns currently. Have the two compete at SS and Night of Champions, swap Orton out for Triple H at Hell In A Cell, put Reigns into one of the teams at Survivor Series, and then Triple H again at TLC.

Orton should help with Reigns’ stamina, while Triple H should help continue that development, along with molding his mic skills into something great — which is the other biggest concern with Reigns.

While no more Reigns vs. Triple H at SS is disappointing, it will mean that much more when it does finally happen. It will undoubtedly catapult Reigns to where he needs to be when his number is called to wear the crown. My fist is firmly held out, because I believe in Roman Reigns.

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