WWE Rumors: The Shield Reuniting After WrestleMania 31?

By Shaun Lowe
The Shield Facebook
The Shield Facebook

Word has it that there have been discussions of having Roman ReignsSeth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite as The Shield every couple of years a la DX. While I would be all for having Shield coming back together, I wonder if this is a mistake to bring the three together too soon, now that Rollins and Ambrose have created an electric rivalry and Reigns is inching closer to his championship destiny.

I wrote before about Rollins’ betrayal turning out to be a ruse, formulated by the trio to get all of them involved in the championship race and show up Triple H. Obviously things didn’t turn out that way at Money In The Bank, with Rollins becoming Mr. MITB, Ambrose continuing to beat Rollins half to death every week, and Reigns mysteriously having nothing to do with the other two on his journey to a future framed in gold.

If this was going to turn out to be a ploy, it would have shown its face at MITB, rather than holding off until SummerSlam or later. I could be wrong on that, and perhaps they will pull out all the stops when more eyes are on them, showing their true faces on the second biggest stage the WWE has — that being SS. More than likely though, they will hold off on this until the rumored time period in late 2015 or sometime in 2016 … if they have the reunion at all.

I laid out a scenario where Reigns would defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXXI and while celebrating the unlikely victory, Rollins would come out to cash in the MITB briefcase, be inches away from a successful cash-in, only to have Ambrose finally interrupt it, cost Rollins the match, and ensure that Reigns is still champion.

If that scenario or a similar one were to come to pass, I could picture the three coming to terms with their split nearly a year prior, understanding the reasoning Rollins did what he did; however, I think it would take until at least late 2015 for something like that to make sense and not cripple the trio’s individual careers.

D-Generation X has come back every so often, mainly just as fanfare, but it’s always been an entertaining and wonderful thing to see. Using that as inspiration to bring back the most dominant force in WWE history would freshen up their careers if done correctly, and it would remind the fans of old times, when the group was at the biggest thing in the business — save the YES! Movement.

While people compare The Shield to groups like the Four Horseman, DX, NWO, the Nation Of Domination, the Hart Foundation, they don’t touch what The Shield did in the amount of time they had. While I can’t say that trio has been as influential on the business as most of those groups, they dominated the landscape in a more convincing fashion than any of the others.

So, having these three superstars join forces on occasion in the future would be something the fans could and will get behind without hesitation.

I hope the WWE makes the wise move and brings them back together again, but that they don’t so it too soon. I’m begging you, WWE, if you go through with this, have their revival be complete with those incredible fang/skull masks. They may not be around anymore and there’s a good chance this rumor will never come to pass, but I will always believe in The Shield and so should you.

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