Budget Cuts Now Affecting WWE Network Shows

By Damian Seeto
Legends Yoga
Image from WWE Network Facebook Page

The irony of the WWE Network continues as the company does not have enough money to produce exclusive shows for the time being.

The ironic thing about the WWE Network is that it was supposed to be a platform to help WWE earn more revenue. As of right now, it’s costing WWE more money and budget cuts have had to be made. The funny thing now is that actual shows being planned to air exclusively on WWE Network are being affected by the budget cuts.

Exclusive WWE Network shows were part of the many reasons why people signed up in the first place. For $9.99 per month, you get exclusive shows, every PPV event and backlogs of old content. One of the most popular shows on WWE Network was “Legends House”. A second season was commissioned, but now that’s up in the air. Filming for Legends House season two has now been delayed, but some fear it has been canceled altogether.

Another show that has been delayed is another season of Tough Enough. It was scheduled to be filming soon but has been delayed until October. These delays and possible cancellations might not look good for WWE Network subscribers who wanted to see more original programming. WWE will have to think of something to convince them to renew their subscriptions.

Hopefully by the time the WWE Network hits countries outside of the USA, it would become more profitable. As of right now, though, WWE Network is doing the opposite and causing WWE to lose more money than they had anticipated.

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