Santino Marella Announces His In-ring Retirement

By Damian Seeto
Santino Marella Now Retired
Image from Santino – WWE Universe Facebook

Santino Marella has announced his retirement from wrestling in WWE, although he plans to still stay in a non-active role.

During a house show in Toronto, Canada, Marella came to the ring to announce his retirement from in-ring action. Even though Marella has been billed from Italy, he was actually born in Canada. It made sense for the 35-year-old to announce his retirement in his actual home country.

Marella mentioned he suffered his third neck injury recently. He felt his in-ring career had been “winding down” so now was the best time to retire for good. He had been in WWE for seven years and it was a good run. He may not have been a main event guy, but he managed to stay entertaining by finding his niche as a comedy act.

Marella debuted back in 2007 by winning the Intercontinental Title off of Umaga. It was a big debut, although he never became a serious type of wrestler. He then turned into a humorous heel for a while. When he was a heel, I thought he did his best work. After a while, he became a babyface and continued being a comedy act.

There was even a time in 2012 where Marella nearly became the World Heavyweight Champion. He and Daniel Bryan were the last two participants in the Elimination Chamber match. He was even close to winning the Royal Rumble in 2011 until Alberto Del Rio threw him out.

Now I guess he will no longer be in the ring and continue doing work backstage. He is a decent talker, so he might become a full-time announcer or even be a manager.

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